To place an individual order, you can place an order by typing Gourmet Pack in Yemeksepetibanabi application. At the same time, we have stores for bulk purchases and our online site. www.gurmepack.com You can also order from.

Gourmet Pack meals are delivered to you in personalized boxes that you can carry anywhere with you, and that can be used easily and practically with the online ordering application. Our meals are packaged with Modified Atmosphere technology in order to avoid any problems such as spills and spills in Mono PP containers that can enter the microwave oven.

In our company, we apply hygiene rules far above the mandatory HACCP system. In addition to the measures we have taken during this difficult process, we have also taken extra precautions for our company and our employees.
We provided training on the importance that our employees should take individually.
We have made it mandatory to use equipment such as masks, gloves, aprons and bonnets not only in our production area, but throughout the entire factory.
In our production areas, we sterilize all production tools and equipment with UV rays every night on a regular basis.

We have shuttle service to all districts of Istanbul.

You can see our menu samples prepared on our Gourmet Pack online website.
You can choose the meal package that suits you from the category of individual meal packages.

You can choose the Office Package according to the number of your employees from the Corporate Meal Packages category on the Gourmet Pack website and place an order.

As Gurme Pack, we have meal packages for all kinds of food preferences.
You can order our meal packages according to your preferences such as Vegan & Vegetarian, Gluten-Free & Sugar-Free, Ketogenic, Intolerant, Intermittent Fasting Detox via the website www.gurmepack.com.

You can order our healthy meal packages, which we have prepared with the support of a dietitian and created from protein-weighted, organic and fresh products, from our address www.gurmepack.com.

You can get a minimum 10-day package. As the number of days increases, the price of your package will be more advantageous.

You can keep our Gourmet Pack meals in a refrigerator at +4 degrees as soon as you receive them. When you take our long shelf-life meals out of the fridge and heat them, you will notice that they retain their original freshness. If you need to take food with you (in the car, etc.) in hot weather, we recommend putting an ice pack in the bag.