Distance Sale Contract

1- This contract GOURMET PACK by phone via the telephone counseling line or GOURMET PACK"Firuzköy Mahallesi, Firuzköy Caddesi, No: 126 Avcılar - Istanbul" with the person (hereinafter referred to as the BUYER) who purchases food products electronically from the website of www.gurmepack.com and fills in the buyer part of this contract by declaring his identity information. ', the seller at CRC CORPORATE (hereinafter GOURMET PACK The terms of sale and delivery of products and the rights and obligations of the parties are determined within the scope of the provisions of the Law on the Protection of the Consumer and the Regulation on the Implementation Principles and Procedures of Distance Contracts. 2- Buyer, GOURMET PACK's name, title, full address, telephone and other access information, if any, the basic characteristics of the meal packages published on the website, the sales price including all taxes, the payment method and delivery conditions, the duration of the contract and all preliminary information about the package subject to sale, It accepts and declares that it is clear and informed by the seller in accordance with the internet or telephone communication, that he/she confirms this preliminary information in the recorded phone call or electronically, and then orders the goods. GOURMET PACK telephone records, preliminary information on the www.gurmepack.com site and the invoice issued on the order given by the buyer are integral parts of the contract. 3- Buyer orders GOURMET PACK by phone via the telephone counseling line or www.gurmepack.com electronically by registering on the website. The contract date is the date the Buyer places the order. In order for the contract to enter into force and to start the delivery of the selected product package, the Buyer must have paid the package price in full. Agreement, GOURMET PACK's last daily meal subject to the contract ends automatically with the delivery of the contract conditions. 4- GOURMET PACKFor those who want to lose weight or maintain their form by eating healthy, we offer two separate product packages as Calorie-based Healthy Meal Package and Personalized Meal Package; By delivering standard food packages prepared in line with nutrition plans to the addresses of its customers, it helps them consume products with measured calorie values ​​and thus lose weight or maintain their form. The purchase of these products by the buyer does not guarantee that the buyer will lose weight simply by purchasing these products. While consuming these products, the buyer should create a program for himself under the control of the doctor and dietitian, taking into account his special health condition. 5- GOURMET PACK daily calorie, carbohydrate, protein and fat distributions will be delivered to the address of the Buyer in daily packages by creating daily menus calculated according to the nutrition plan and calorie package selected by the Buyer in line with the target (losing weight, eating healthy) determined by the Buyer. The calorie values ​​of the products may vary, not to exceed +/- 100 calories. 6- In the creation of his order, the buyer is informed about his goals, nutritional preferences, height, weight, age, etc., by phone or electronically. GOURMET PACKgives information and receives suggestions; but what standard GOURMET PACK The Buyer decides to order the package and which meals he prefers. 7- Food calorie values GOURMET PACK organized by dietitians and food engineers GOURMET PACK Since the menus are prepared without considering personal health problems such as illness and allergies, the Buyer should consult his doctor before ordering in such cases. GOURMET PACK, is not responsible for the health problems that the Buyer may encounter due to illness or food allergy and not being able to reach the target set. GOURMET PACK It is obliged to produce and send the food whose caloric value has been measured to the buyer. GOURMET PACK's other than that, has no responsibility towards the buyer and third parties. With the approval of the physician, the buyer has health checks and consults with the specialist physicians. GOURMET PACK It undertakes in advance that it has purchased products with measured calories from The buyer is responsible for all problems that may arise from the use of these products related to the age and weight status of the buyer. In cases where it is not appropriate to make a diet program due to the recipient's weight and age, special health conditions GOURMET PACKIn this case, the Buyer is responsible for all complaints of the Buyer. GOURMET PACKshall not be liable to the buyer or third parties. The buyer uses the product package suitable for him with the approval of the doctor and dietitian. GOURMET PACKIt irrevocably declares and undertakes to 8- The Buyer declares and undertakes that he has read and accepted all the articles in this contract irrevocably. 9- Buyer, GOURMET PACK that food engineers guide in the organization of daily menus, GOURMET PACK declares that he knows that the meetings with food engineers on the website, via e-mail or by phone are of the nature of general recommendations that do not take into account special health problems, and that he should not be content with these interviews in case of special health problems and consult a dietitian or doctor. 10 The price of the product is determined on the contract date according to the nutrition plan chosen by the Buyer, the calorie package, the meal alternative and the number of days purchased. GOURMET PACK'of www.gurmepack.com announced on the website GOURMET PACK It is the price reported over the telephone line. 11- GOURMET PACK reserves the right to change product prices at any time. If the buyer re-orders after the end of the contract, the current tariff will be valid. The price is only for food items in daily packages and their delivery. Payments are made by credit card or money order. 12- GOURMET PACK packages within the borders of Istanbul Province; GOURMET PACKto the regions to be accepted by www.gurmepack.com It is delivered to the address specified by the Buyer in certain districts published on the website. Product delivery starts 2 business days after the full payment of the product costs. GOURMET PACK may stop order purchases or not accept the order request due to the order density or the necessity. 13- GOURMET PACKwill forward all arrangements and order processing information to the Buyer via e-mail. Transactions without confirmation information are the responsibility of the Buyer. Buyer, GURMEPACKIt is responsible for checking the notifications to be made by e-mail regarding the arrangements made in the system and order information and to request corrections if there are errors. 14 Deliveries are made once a day, in one of the desired time zones after 18:00 preferred by the Buyer, on all days of the year except January 1, Sunday, public holidays and public holidays. GOURMET PACK, has the right not to provide service on some days for compulsory reasons such as maintenance of production units, provided that it informs its customers 2 business days in advance. In case of seasonal conditions such as heavy snowfall, transportation is disrupted. GOURMET PACK reserves the right to delay the delivery until the disappearance of this situation. The Buyer agrees and undertakes in advance that he will not make any demands or complaints for such reasons. 15- GOURMET PACK is obliged to deliver all of the daily meals in a single transport box, in return for signature with the waybill, in the time zone notified by the Buyer electronically or by telephone. By signing the delivery note, the buyer or the person receiving the product at the address specified by the buyer is deemed to have received the meals in the package completely. In case of missing meal/s, a report must be attached to the courier. The receipt of the product by the third party at the delivery address specified by the buyer means that the buyer has received the product. In this type of deliveries, the buyer does not receive the product. GOURMET PACKcannot claim against. 16 If the courier cannot reach the Buyer or the person authorized by the Buyer to receive the package within the time and address specified by the Buyer, after a waiting period of 5 minutes, the package GOURMET PACK will take you back to your kitchen and GOURMET PACK will destroy these products. In such cases, the buyer will accept that the package has been received and GOURME PACK'e agrees and undertakes that it will not make any demands for this reason. 17 The buyer is responsible for possible delays in delivery no later than 30 minutes after the end of the delivery time zone. inside GOURMET PACKis responsible for notifying. Otherwise GOURMET PACK will not be responsible for the delay in delivery. 18 In case of delay in the delivery of the package due to uncontrollable reasons such as traffic accidents or excessive traffic jams; if the delay exceeds 2 hours GOURMET PACK will be able to unilaterally take the delivery of that day's product within 6 hours at the latest. 19 If the delivery and billing addresses are different, the Buyer GOURMET PACKe has to notify at the time of order. The invoice will be sent with the product package on the first delivery, if requested. 20 In case of any problems such as missing products in the packages, dents in the package or open packages, the Buyer is obliged to keep a report on this issue to the courier. Problems that can be noticed after the delivery of the package are made by the Buyer until 16.00 on the same day at the latest. GOURMET PACK's Service Line numbered 0 850 260 02 72 and the problem product should be sent by the courier the next day. GOURMET PACK He should send it back to his kitchen. In such cases, the examination of the problem in the product will be carried out. GOURMET PACKIf it is determined that it is caused by the Buyer, the Buyer can use the daily package right on any day he wishes within 1 month. 21- GOURMET PACK products are prepared in healthy and special health conditions, using daily fresh foods without the use of preservative additives, and packaged by cooling in order to minimize the formation of bacteria. Delivered with cold chain GOURMET PACK It is the Buyer's responsibility to maintain the cold chain of his meals after delivery. The buyer has to keep the meals of the product in the refrigerator at +4 degrees, heat it in accordance with the instructions and consume it on the date written on the box it receives. Otherwise, problems that may arise GOURMET PACK is not responsible. 22 In accordance with legal regulations, it is not possible to withdraw from this contract, which is related to the delivery of foodstuffs to the Buyer's residence or workplace within the framework of regular deliveries. 23 Ancak GOURMET PACK, the Buyer's request to postpone the use of the package purchased, at least 2 business days in advance notice and at the latest within 6 months following the normal expiry of this contract can approve. Use of GOURMET PACKIn order to continue the delayed packages with the approval of the Buyer, the Buyer's request must be submitted 2 business days before 16:00 at the latest. GOURMET PACKIt is obligatory to get approval by notifying . 24 If the buyer notifies at least 2 business days before 16:00, GOURMET PACK may make changes in the delivery address and/or delivery time within the delivery limits. Buyer, at least 2 business days before 16:00 in writing by notifying the balance of the purchased package. GOURMET PACK may be transferred to others within the scope of the distribution network. 25 Buyer requests such GOURMET PACK It will be done electronically by logging into the www.gurmepack.com website with a user name and password and will receive approval by telephone from the Customer Service Line. 26 The buyer receives 30 minutes to his requests via e-mail. If no response is received, the email is due to a technical glitch. GOURMET PACKdue to the possibility that it did not reach GOURMET PACK's 0 850 260 02 72 Service Line to the Customer Representatives. GOURMET PACK It is not responsible for meeting the Buyer's demands that are not received due to technical reasons. 27 If the buyer refuses to receive the products, renounces the contract, or unilaterally terminates the contract without a just cause, he will not make any demands from GURME PACK, he will not ask for the refund of the undelivered product prices, even partially, because he has given up/refrained from taking delivery or terminated the contract unilaterally. accepted and committed. 28- GOURMET PACKreserves the right to change the terms of the contract. In such a case, all of the changes will be published on the website and will be valid for orders and purchases made after the changes. 29- GOURMET PACK, undertakes that it will not share any information it has obtained about the Buyer under this contract with any person or institution and will not use the acts it has undertaken under this contract outside the scope of disclosure. The credit card information used by the Buyer to be sent to the bank where the transaction is made and to obtain authorization is in no way GOURMET PACK not recorded by 30 In case of disputes that may arise from this contract and its implementation GOURMET PACKElectronic records, commercial books, documents and records, including those in magnetic media such as computers, telephones, voice recordings, constitute conclusive evidence. Istanbul Consumer Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized to resolve disputes within monetary limits. CRC CORPORATE AND ORGANIZATION INC. 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