GP Venture

As GurmePack, which has a 5000 m2 production facility in Istanbul / Avcılar, we offer our consumers a unique dining experience by combining freshness, naturalness and quality.

In order to deliver the food directly to the consumers, we cooperate so that businesses that do not have a restaurant, such as apart hotels and pensions, can easily serve their customers.

In line with the agreement, businesses not only provide fast, practical and delicious food service to their customers without paying any fee, employing extra personnel, occupying space and setting up costs, but also generate revenue from sales.

As Gurmepack, we have a wide range of dishes from Turkish Cuisine to World Cuisine, from appetizers to desserts.

We are with you so that your customers can enjoy the food they want by heating them in the microwave or on the stove for two minutes.

Our products have a shelf life of 4 days at +28 degrees and do not contain any preservatives.

As we always say, GurmePack is the only one in the enterprise!

Contact us for more information:

0 850 260 02 72