Who are we?

Based on CRC CORPORATE's 14 years of experience in the food and beverage sector, we created our GURMEPACK brand, after a 2-year R&D process, in order to add innovations to the flow of life and to bring you our packaged meals prepared without sacrificing taste.

With GURMEPACK, we have taken our place in the sector with the promise of delivering "DETAILED FOOD" in the fastest way without losing the freshness and quality of the product.

We continue to work for your satisfaction with our facility of 5000 m2, which we have the opportunity to apply TSE and ISO standards in every field, with hygiene tracks and wide working areas, our logistics network, and our personnel who have achieved success with their sectoral experience.

Our Mission

To achieve the satisfaction of our customers with excellent service, product quality and taste; to continuously improve our hygienic, quality and delicious products with our expert staff; To provide our customers with the quality they deserve and to be “Above Flavor” with our infrastructure that responds to all requirements at the highest level.

In this context, we attach importance to your personal preferences and prepare our menus on this basis. We continue to serve you with our rich menu that will appeal to all segments.



As CRC CORPORATE, while delivering our takeaway brand GURMEPACK to you;
• “From the farm to the kitchen” is our basic principle. We cook our meals with the most natural products and ingredients.
• We do not bring any products containing additives such as colorants and artificial sweeteners into our kitchen.
• The basis of the taste of our meals comes from butter and olive oil.
• When purchasing our white and red meat products, we do not purchase from anyone other than suppliers that have been checked and approved by our Food Engineers.
• We review and process the purchased products at the control centers in our kitchen.
• Another source of the taste of our meals is the rational ovens and steel cookware we use. We do our frying not with ready-made oils, but in rational ovens.
• We carefully select the spices used by our chefs, who are the best in their field, and always use the freshest ones.
• We cook our meals in our hygiene certified kitchens to keep your safety at the highest level.
• We pack the high-temperature resistant Mono PP containers we use in our meals with Modified Atmosphere technology and present them as you can open them for the first time.

Modified Atmosphere Technology
Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP); It is a method used in the storage, transportation and packaging of foods against enzymatic, chemical and microbiological spoilage, in order to extend the shelf life by changing the atmosphere around the food by giving/removing the air composition with which the product interacts and gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and ethylene depending on the product type.


From raw material supply to final consumption, all our processes are in line with food safety requirements,
performs in accordance with the laws, international standards and customer requirements, without sacrificing quality.
We produce practical, long shelf-life, fresh and delicious meals.
With our mission to provide the best service to our customers, we are aware of quality, ethics and social responsibility.
We aim to achieve our goals day by day by constantly improving our corporate culture, which we have built on the foundations of
We develop and upgrade.
We value our employees, customers and nature. Occupational Health, Safety and Environment
We work by paying attention to the standards. In order to increase our environmental and OHS performance, we are constantly
We carry out improvement processes effectively.
We are responsible for production, with our food safety priority customer satisfaction target.
We ensure that our employees are experts, and we provide our teams with continuous training.
We give you the opportunity to apply knowledge and experience. Necessary for the consultation and participation of our employees
We carry out activities.
Contributing to the professional development of our employees and ensuring employee satisfaction.
We maintain and continuously improve our standards by ensuring their continuity. With continuous improvement goals
to develop the quality and food safety culture of our institution and to internalize this culture by our employees.
We aim.
During our activities, we develop products suitable for changing market and consumer demands.
By continuing our work, we meet customer expectations in the best way, Production, R&D and Quality
We are constantly improving our systems.
Well-defined, effective and efficient at every stage of our Supply-Production-Distribution chain
We increase our efficiency by working with processes.
Always reachable and in close contact with our customers, customer
We continue to improve our services with our satisfaction-oriented approach.
General manager